Studio days begin… again


Hey y’all,

Hope Christmas and New Year’s served you well. Tales of Santa and Auld Lang Syne to rival the great stories abound, I’m sure.

My story this February isn’t quite so dramatic, but it does include me returning to the studio (aka my study) to record my new work entitled No Time Like The Present, No Present Like Time.

Nine songs, this time, including three instrumentals. And four songs dripping with my love of the blues. There’s a bit of swamp fusion slide guitar in there, too.

All in all, I think it’s a neat and tasty effort much like a good single malt whisky.

So I’ll keep ya posted. I’m looking for a May 1 release with supporting shows over the summer and into fall.

Wish me luck and godspeed.

Peace, as always.


That’s a wrap


Hey all,

Hope December is being a kind month. For some it isn’t. Do the best you can.

Everything. All The Time. has been put to bed for a long winter’s nap, although I’ll be working on some of the songs for the next tour’s set list.

The next album is entitled No Time Like The Present, No Present Like Time and I’m thinking on a May or August release with a subsequent tour.

Most of the songs are written so some are in the fine tuning process right now.

Anyway, I’ll keep ya posted.

Thanks for listening (and hopefully seeing the shows).

Peace… and Merry Christmas! 

Last one, sunset awaits


Hey gang,

We’re there again, another show. And the last one for the Everything. All The Time. Tour 2014.

This time, it’s Saturday, Nov. 22, at the Cornwall Civic Centre in lovely and bustling Cornwall P.E.I.

Check it out at

Show time is 7:30 p.m., doors open at 7 p.m.

The good people at the Cornwall Lions Club are providing bar services.

It’s the final show and I’m excited and a touch melancholy. After all, it’s a moving on from these particular songs to prepare for the new ones. It feels like I’ve  reached one more plateau and I’m staring up at another.

But better to be looking forward than behind, although I will take a peek now and then just to make sure nothing is following me.

Hope to see you in Cornwall.

Peace, y’all.

Opening night in Hunter River (or Ladies Night in Buffalo)

imagephoto 2photo 3

Hey gang,

I’m decompressing after a four-gig-in-seven-days stint, some gigs good, some bad. Par for the course, I think, at the level I’m at right now. Maybe at any level.

Perseverance, my friends, is where it’s at. Stick-to-itness. I ain’t goin’ away so buckle up and get used to it.

On that note, above are a few photos from opening night of the Everything. All The Time. tour at the Hunter River Community Centre in Hunter River, P.E.I., shot by my good friend Brad. 

Hope youse like ’em.


Safe at home


Hey y’all

Well, safe at home, thanks to a passed ball, definitely not a wild pitch.

Nothing was wild about Friday’s gig (Oct. 24) at Ise’s Bar in Charlottetown.

Dead crowd. They might as well not have been there. No clapping, no reaction, not even a bad comment.


I could’ve stood on stage naked and hung anvils from my nuts and no one would have noticed.

Hopefully next gig I’ll play to a live audience.

But I’m sincere in my thanks and appreciation to Michael at East Side Mario’s and Isaac, Ise’s manager, for giving me the chance, and Kim (first impression is you’re a keeper) of Ise’s wait staff for her kind heart.

They likely would’ve preferred a chipper crowd, too.

But onward once again… this time to Cornwall and the Cornwall Civic Centre, Saturday, Nov. 22, at 7:30 p.m.

Be there or be… dead?

Who knows?


Reached third base thanks to a throwing error


Hey all,

Well, interesting night on Saturday (Oct. 18) at North Shore Community Centre in Covehead.

I put on a party and no one showed.

Nada, zilch, zip, nary a soul was there. Too bad, too, because I’ve reconfigured my lights for better coverage and with that, pre-show music and how I had set the hall up, it looked like a kick-ass rock concert.

I think the flies and the spiders liked the show, but those things can’t clap so I’m not sure.

Huge thanks to Kay and Tracey at the North Shore Community Centre. They did all they could, and certainly more than expected.

So onward we trudge to Ise’s Bar in Charlottetown, Friday, Oct. 24, 7:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, I’ll be searching for…